Turbocharger Repair at Mullingar Turbos

Brands include Garrett, BorgWarner, Mitsubishi, Turborail, S.I.D.A.T, , turbolader Schwitzer, KK&K, IHI Turbochargers, Holset Turbochargers

Our Products & Turbo Repair

We Supply and Repair Reconditioned Turbos for All Vehicles
Our Re-manufactured Turbos Cover All Areas ,Commercial Turbos, Industrial Turbocharger,
Agricultural Turbos Turbo Repairs
Truck Turbos New and Reconditioned Available

Tractor Turbocharger Repair and New Tractor Turbo Available

Car , Van and light Commercial Turbochargers in Stock at All times
We also Stock Electronic Actuators for all Vehicles
Electric Solenoid for All Turbochargers in stock
If you Want a Turbo in Ireland , Contact us  Now

Product List

Turbocharger Repair

Core Cartridges

Electronic Actuator

Turbochargers New & Remanufactured


VNT Nozzle

Gasket Kits

Back Plates

Turbo Repairs



Turbo Reconditioning

Turbine Housing

Shafts & Wheels

vacuum actuator

Electronic Actuator

Heat Shields

Compressor Housing


Mullingarturbos.ie Provide  Turbo Repair in the follow industry sections:

Automotive, Aeronautical, Agricultural & Commercial Vehicles

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